Tuesday, July 5, 2011

End of the year

I love to surf blogs and see what everyone is doing for crafts, and as the school year was coming to an end I found this candy gram for that special teacher. My girlfriend and I went out that day to find and make these gems up. We found the clear cans at Wal-mart for $3.00 each and headed to the dollar store to find all the candy to go in. The last day of school the kids were super excited to give their special treat to their teachers, whom they ALL loved these. The best part for me was that no one else made the same gift so we were different which is where I like to be. I even had to give out some web sites.
It is hard to believe that another year at school is over I find myself scrabbling to keep up with that pace that my kids seem to keep growing at. They are so unique and I find myself at awe that Heavenly Father trusted me to teach them and help them on their journey. It also makes me so grateful for James because heaven knows I couldn't be a single mom. He has strength to carry me when I feel like I just can't go on. I know that is cheesy but it is the truth.
so keep crafting out there so I can find more fun things to do everyday.

Janelle's six birthday

Back on the 7th of June my baby girl turned six!! It is amazing to wathc your children grow into people and have the personalities that they have and ambition they have to do and try new things. For her birthday we did a Alice in wonderland theme. I pre made the shirts ahead of time using a bleach pen and drawing the cat on all them free hand. It was alot work but how cute are they?? Now this summer we are going to do bleach pen work on shirt for the kids.

as I went crazy on the birthday I decided not to make the cake but to buy one instead. It really was the best, super moist cake, so yummy and really the shop here did a great job. Janelle loved it and felt like quite the queen for the day. Plus she had so many little friends to share her day with.

Lastly after everything was said and done, we made thank you cards for everyone because really how awesome is the hatter hiding behind that mushroom. I don't go all out for every year but once in a while you just have to big all the way. I am just happy I remembered to take pictures of everything.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ward changes, and our new building.

Two weeks ago they split Sheran Park, 10th, 9th ward into four wards. We are still in Sheran park ward and today is the first Sunday for the full meeting block.
This beautiful building is almost finished and I think in September we will get to start going here. It is just in the entrance to Copperwood, Last year Greg got to be apart of the ground breaking. we moved here just a little over two years ago and there has been much talk of the wards splitting and the new building. I find that now that it is here upon us I am sad to lose sooo many wonderful people that I have had the privilege of seeing each Sunday. It is exciting to be be entering this new chapter of our new wards and meeting the new people that we will be attending church with. Here is to the future........

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun pictures

I love these two girls, how fun is it to go through life with a best friend beside you to help hold you up and keep you strong.

I love how fun the three of these are having, see it's ok to have girls as friends.

Here Spencer and Alina are hiding in the tall grass, I love pictures like this.

Ballet is done for another year.

At the end of may we got to go watch the girls in their ballet class, it was pretty amazing to see how much they have grown and learned this pass year. I love the structure of ballet and how it teaches these little girls how to stand tall using their cores to make them into beautiful dancers.


I love this picture, we went out branding at my friend ginger's parents for may long weekend....and LOVED it. What a experience it was, the smells and sounds will probably haunt me until next year when we do it again....I have to laugh at how destressed the moms get to be away from their calfs when they left them in the first place. If they were smart they would stand their ground because really who could take on a big mama cow?? They start calling for their baby and the drool is just a dripping.They are so happy to be reunited.

Clint's job is to burn off the horns if there are any and let me just say that is quite the job, the smoke up in your face holding the head so you can get at them.....I think I was much suited to be behind the camera, that was about as much action as I could handle.

My first chenille blanket

Here is my first attempt at making a chenille blanket. I gave it to my neighbors across the street when they had their first baby girl. It turned out so pretty, I had so much fun making it. I even bought a special chenille cutter, it made cutting the three layers so easy and even.